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Upcycled Plastic Plant Containers

I absolutely love the lazy days of summer so I did a little sprucing up in the garden using some plastic planters and lots of flowers. Summer is all about BBQ’s, beach days, the smell of suntan lotion, and good times with the people you love.

For any of you who love to entertain, sprucing up the garden is something you probably try to do every spring. With lots of April showers, all those flowers are just going to keep getting bigger and bigger!

I found these plastic flower pots for £2 in a bargain discount store. They were the perfect shape and size, they just needed a little extra love so they no longer looked like plastic.

I gave my pot a quick wipe down with a damp sponge to get any residue off. If you are working with used pots you may have to give them a light sanding. Next, I gave it one coat of Chalky Paint in the colour Serene. Chalky paint dries very quickly so I was able to put my second coat on right away, this time I used the colour Lace. Next, using a paint brush I very lightly painted on a coat of dark ebony stain. Using a damp cloth I wiped the whole pot to take off any extra stain and give it that aged look. Lastly, I gave it a quick seal using a paint brush. (you can use a Minwax or you can use the cream wax, both will protect the pot)

That’s it! Aren’t they cute?

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