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Pom poms and Tassels

Pom poms are fun and fuzzy little things which take just minutes to make. But did you know that these puffs of joy can also be incorporated into so many craft projects?

Whether you’re wanting to transform your home decor, add intrigue to items of clothing, makeover your favourite accessories or simply create the most spectacular pom poms you’ve ever laid eyes on – Trust us, the ideas are all here.

So gather your yarn, a hot glue gun and scissors, as it’s time to explore some fun pom pom craft projects…

The starting point is obviously making poms poms from yarn. You tube videos should take craft lovers right back to the basics or sign up for one of our workshops, Pom poms and Tassels, to learn in a small group how to master the various techniques involved. These workshops are held at varying times throughout the year and so if you are interested just pop us an email and we can let you know when the next one is scheduled. Tutorials are also available online from the Craft Studio  - Online Craft Studio: Pom Poms & Tassels ( After all, in order to create the fabulous items listed below you’ll need to know this important technique!

You’ll never lose your keys ever again thanks to these bright and playful pom pom keychain decorations. Make them in any colour you want, or why not create some as a special gift for a loved one?

The humble napkin ring has earned itself a bit of a boring reputation in past years, but thanks to pom poms you can now have the prettiest and most fun napkin rings in town! Customise the colours to suit your event’s specific theme.

The wonderful thing about some of the DIY projects is that it can serve as three decorations in one: a wall hanging, rug or table runner. What a genius idea! Choose varying shades of one colour of yarn to create an ombre effect.

Create lovely pom pom flowers which would also serve as a perfect gift for just about any occasion!

Decorate a plain handbag with over-sized pom poms to create an eye-catching and one-of-a-kind look. This is the perfect project for jazzing up your favourite bag.

Say goodbye to boring earrings and inject some colour and playfulness into your accessories by making pom pom earrings. These are very simple to create and could take you just minutes to complete.

Do you have an empty vase in your home just crying out for attention? Create pom pom flowers, complete with their green stem!

Pom pom craft projects are perfect for Easter and adding that extra special, handmade touch to any card. Get the children involved in making adorable little chicks! Once they have started with these, all kinds of animals can be made.

Never lose your page in a book again thanks to the pom pom bookmark. Pom poms can be used in a range of projects and we love the idea of having them as bookmarks too.

When it comes to making patterned and intricate pom poms, there are guides on the internet. Eye-catching floral pom poms are now accessible to everyone.

Create a miniature pom pom tree. This crafty tree can be used for so many different displays and children will love having one in their own room.

Shops such as Anthropologie are selling pom pom table centerpieces for ‘larger than you would like’ amounts, so why not create your own?

Pom pom letter wall art is perfect for crafters and the more advanced. Customise the colour of each pom pom to suit your very own tastes and hang your new wall art with pride!

Creating Halloween inspired accessories is always entertaining and this can be taken to a whole new level with pom pom spider rings. Children are going to not only love creating these critters, but will be ecstatic about their fun new ring too!

Taking inspiration from the more expensive pom pom adorned blankets, it is easy to create your very own version of the trend. This is a great way to add some coziness to your space!

Fancy throwing a ‘bunny party’ but don’t like the idea of acquiring real little bunnies to hop around your garden? Create adorable pom pom bunnies instead! They will be an instant success for any kids party.

Pom poms don’t always have to be made from yarn! Try rolled felt pom pom balls which are just as colourful and creative. Turn these into a fantastic set of coasters

Pom pom adorned products are great around the home, but the good news is you can also decorate your clothing with them! You can easily turn your favourite sweater into a pom pom masterpiece!

Get inspired by trending pom pom adorned home decor and add intrigue and style to a simple cushion

Every pom pom lover will love a craft project idea which features a cluster of pom poms worn as a pretty necklace. This is a simple and inexpensive accessory to make for yourself, or would even serve as a wonderful gift for a loved one.

So, let's get started. What's your first project going to be?

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