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Painted Ceramic Pumpkins

Celebrate Halloween in style or give your home a modern makeover this Autumn with these beautiful DIY painted pumpkins.

Say hello to your new favourite Fall craft project! Pumpkin painting is look set to enjoy a huge surge in popularity this year, and it couldn’t be easier to try at home! We’ve put together this step by step guide for you to try decorating pumpkins with modern floral motifs. We have used dual tip marker pens and ceramic pumpkins in this guide but you can easily swap these for acrylic paints and thin paintbrushes, plus real pumpkins! In our step by step tutorial with photos, you’ll learn how to create three different pumpkin painting ideas, one stroke at a time.

We love any excuses to get creative in the run up to Halloween and these DIY painted pumpkins will also give your home a cosy handmade revamp all Autumn.

How to paint pumpkins – step by step


  • Ceramic Pumpkins

  • Dual tip marker pens

DIY painted pumpkins tips

  • These techniques can be applied using Acrylic, Posca or gouache paint as well as illustrative markers.

  • You can rough out where your motifs will go using a pencil

  • Have a practice on a sheet of paper before you work on the ceramics

You Will Need

· Ceramic pumpkins

· Dual tip marker pens

Step 1

Your first pattern is made up of simple floral shapes, firstly draw a rough circle shape to form the first flower motif and colour in.

Step 2

With another colour draw two leaf shapes (elongated ovals with points) that work from the circle, colour and add a small circle in the middle. This will complete your first motif shape.

Step 3

Repeat this motif across the pumpkin leaving equal space between the circles and adding in the leaves heading in different directions to create a fun floral pattern.

Step 4

Now in-between these main florals add smaller ditsy flower shapes in another colour, break the shapes down into 5 teardrop shapes that join at the centre if you are having trouble with illustrating them. Keep these in groups of 3 and 5.

Step 5

Add a small dot to the centre of the ditsy florals and then leaves working out from the groups of them. Your pumpkin should now be covered in a ditsy floral autumn pattern.

DIY painted pumpkins – Spooky pumpkin design

Step 1

For this next design, start by writing the word “Spooky” on to a ceramic pumpkin using the brush end of the dual markers.

Step 2

Using another colour begin illustrating stars across the ceramic pumpkin.

Step 3

Mix and match between colours and size of stars for a graphic style pattern, if you have any awkward spaces then add in some dots in groups of 3 or 5 to fill the space.

How to paint pumpkins – hearts pattern

Step 1

For the final design you’ll need to firstly draw and colour in a heart shape.

Step 2

You can then add 3 more petals to the bottom half of the love heart shape to create your floral base.

Step 3

With a darker colour add in 3 lines that are heading towards the top of the flower.

Step 4

You can then add your leaves working out from the petals and groups of 3 dots positioned within the leaf shapes.

Step 5

Repeat this motif across the pumpkin and use the dots to fill any spaces that are looking a little too big but not big enough for another floral.

Step 6

Colour in the stalk of the ceramic in your chosen colour.

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