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Simple Hand Embroidered Gift Tags

Christmas will be here before we know it! Have you wrapped your presents yet? If not, I have some adorable gift tag ideas for you today! These simple hand embroidered gift tags are super easy to make and significantly up the cuteness factor of your gifts!

The great thing about these gift tags is that they are customizable. You can use any coloured embroidery thread to embellish them with and there are endless colours out there to choose from! So, no matter what your tree colours are, I am sure you can find thread to match it.

I chose my colours to coordinate with the colours of my Christmas tree and wrapping paper. I love this colour combination! It is blush, light pink and a couple of different dark green colours.


· Foam base

· Printable gift tags

The first thing you will have to do is print off some gift tags on a piece of white card stock. You can find the printable gift tags in my shop or you can create your own.

The outlines and designs of the tags are printed in a very light grey colour. This way the colour won’t show through the embroidery thread. If you think it will be too light to see for you to embroider, you can always trace the designs with a pencil. I cut out the tags on the inside of the grey outline.

Because of the thickness of the card stock, you will want to poke the holes for the embroidery thread to pass through ahead of time. Put a small foam block or Styrofoam underneath your tag to poke your holes into. This will help to decrease the chance of your tags bending and creasing as you poke holes.

Poke holes in the designs wherever there is a corner or where your thread will have to go in a different direction. The wreath was a little tricky to poke holes. I first poked the holes of the circle. Then I poked holes on alternating sides of the circle spacing them in between the holes of the circle.

I love the font on the tags too! In order to neaten the back, I cut another piece of card the same size as the tag and adhered it to cover the back of the embroidery. I am just going to write the names of the recipients on the back of my tags. What do you think? Aren’t they cute? I know you can tackle this project, don’t let the hand embroidery title scare you off. It was easy to do while watching some TV too. Gotta love multitasking! I used a 1/8″ hole punch to make a hole in the corner then added some twine or gold cording to the tags to attach them to some gifts.

You can pair them with other fun accessories on the gifts such as ribbon, greenery, mini ornaments, Christmas light bulbs etc.

They look so pretty on all of our gifts!

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