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Make a Heart Garland Using Scrap Fabric

Who doesn’t like a little romance in their life? With Valentines Day fast approaching we’ve found an adorable way to use up your scrap fabric.

Draw or trace a heart template in your preferred size. Each heart ornament can be used one their own or together in a grouping. I’ve hung them on door knobs in the house as well as stringing a bunch of them together on a piece of ribbon or cut twine making this simple DIY heart garland. You could also use the heart ornament as part of a pretty grapevine wreath idea. And since this heart is two sided, you can get two looks in one for added versatility!

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We love using scrap materials to create projects and this heart ornament is no exception. I used leftover denim scraps along with scraps of cotton to make this heart garland. If you don’t have any scraps laying around, consider a visit to a local thrift shop to gather your supplies or visit my shop where you can purchase sufficient fabric (and lavender), template, stuffing, thread, ribbon and twine to make this adorable garland.

Supplies Needed:

· Fabric scraps of your choosing, woven, mid weight

· Heart template

· Scissors

· Polyester stuffing

· Sewing machine; thread; hand sewing needle

· Ribbon ½” wide and twine

Cut the fabric scraps into heart shapes using your pre-drawn template. Cut one side in denim and the other side in cotton.

Cut the ribbon to 12” long and fold in half. Place it at the centre of the heart with the loop end towards the inside of the heart. Pin it to the right side of the cut heart.

With right sides together, stitch the heart closed leaving a 1.5” gap opening.

Turn the stitched heart right side out and lightly fill the heart with stuffing. At this stage you can also add some dried lavender to create beautifully scented pieces.

Stitch the opening closed with a needle and matching thread to finish. Repeat these steps to make as many heart ornaments as you like. String a handful of them on a long piece of cut twine or ribbon and there you have it, your heart garland is ready for display.

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