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Fabric Yo-Yo Pumpkins

Turn small amounts of fabric into adorable fabric pumpkins with this easy tutorial for Fabric Yo-Yo Pumpkins! This how-to guide includes everything you need to create these yo-yo pumpkins, This is a fall craft project you’ll definitely want to add to your to-do list!

This project incorporates fabric yo-yos, which are made by cutting circles of fabric that are then stitched around the edge and gathered to form a medallion shape.

Supplies Needed:

· Fabric Yo-Yo Pumpkin Templates

· Orange and green fabric

· Felt in your desired leaf colour

· Co-ordinating thread

· 0.5cm diameter wood dowel

· Cardboard

· Brown acrylic paint

· Hot glue

· Pipecleaner or Natural grapevine wire or similar


· Hand sewing needle

· Washable marking pen

· Scissors

· Sharpie marker

· Craft Knife

· Hot glue gun

· Paintbrush

· Needle nosed pliers


· To begin, create circular templates using a compass. You will need circles ranging in size from 10-15cm as detailed below. Or visit the shop section of the website where printed templates are available to purchase as part of a kit or individually.

· For the small pumpkin with a finished size of 7cm x 7cm you will require the following 8 circles –

Layer 1 Orange 11cm diam

Layers 2 and 7 Orange 12.5cm diam

Layers 3 and 6 Orange 13.5cm diam

Layers 4 and 5 Orange 15cm diam

Layer 8 Green 10cm diam

· Trace the circle templates with the marking pen onto the colour of fabric indicated above, and cut each one out. Number the circles as indicated, writing the numbers on the front centre of each circle with the washable marking pen.

· Make a 1/4” snip at the centre of each circle.

· Draw a leaf onto the felt with a Sharpie; cut out and set aside. This template is also provided within the shop.

· Create yo-yos with each of the fabric circles. To do this, thread your needle and fold under the outer edge by 0.5cm and use running stitch to stitch along the outer edge around the perimeter of the fabric. Pull gently to gather the piece. Secure and snip the thread. Repeat with the remaining circles of fabric.


· Trim the dowel to 7cm in length for a small pumpkin.

· Create a base template 3cm x 3cm using cardboard, and cut the square out with the craft knife. Use hot glue to affix the dowel to the centre of the cardboard base.

Paint the top third of the dowel with the brown paint and set the base aside to dry completely.


Stack the finished yo-yos onto the stand by threading them in numerical order onto the dowel through the centre hole, starting with number 1 on the bottom, and finishing with the highest number on the top. For added stability, add a dab of hot glue between each layer. Use hot glue to affix the leaf to the top of the pumpkin.

And your pumpkin is finished. Make a trio of pumpkins in different sizes to display this autumn or join a number of pumpkins together to create some bunting.

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