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DIY Felt Heart Ornaments with Beading

These DIY felt heart ornaments with beading turned out SO CUTE. If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day craft ideas for adults, hopefully you’ll feel inspired to make your own beaded felt hearts! And if you need extra motivation to make them – beyond the fact that they’re cute and sparkly – here’s why I have made so many lately: the beading is really relaxing. In fact, the more densely I bead the felt, the more this craft helps me quiet my usually very busy brain. So you’ll see a progression of more and more heavily beaded hearts – to the point that some of them are actually hefty.


I think these beaded felt heart ornaments would be perfect for so many applications. They can add sparkle to your home in any season. Here are some ideas:

  • add a string loop on top and hang from a door or cabinet knob

  • string them together with yarn for a beautiful DIY felt Valentine’s Day garland

  • mix them with pom poms to create a textural DIY Valentine’s Day wreath

  • hang them from a vase of branches

  • stitch on spring themed designs (flowers! bunnies!) in pastel embroidery thread/felt for a V Day meets Easter craft!

  • unpack them again in December, because these work as beautiful heart shaped DIY tree ornaments too.


  • Felt (thinner and softer felt works best – something made for crafting, in either polyester or wool)

  • Beads (I used 6mm and 12mm bugle beads and seed beads– you can choose any size)

  • Thread

  • Needles (I use a regular sewing needle and a thinner beading needle)

  • Scissors

  • Template/pattern

  • Tailor’s pen/pencil (or even a permanent marker)

  • Stuffing or any filler you prefer


Make your own pattern by printing some clip art you like or freehand drawing onto paper or card. A card template is easier to trace onto felt than just a piece of paper. For reference, my heart is approximately 3.5″ x 3.5″.

When you have your “pattern” made, trace it onto the back side of the felt, twice, and then cut out two matching hearts.


Using the beading needle, stitch a random smattering of beads on the “front” of one felt heart. Be careful not to stitch too tightly, or the felt can pucker. You can also bead the “back” of the felt ornament, but I only bead the front. I used a mix of bugle beads and seed beads. You can use any size beads you like – including larger beads and sequins.

Then use a blanket stitch to sew the two halves of the felt together, leaving an opening to stuff with poly-fil. Consider using an all purpose thread, which is thinner, because then you have the option of adding a bead to the edges – plus the colour selection is much larger.

You can use any stitch you like to sew the two pieces together, but I prefer a blanket stitch for this because it keeps the stuffing nice and contained and is very easy to do. If you’re unfamiliar with how to do a blanket stitch or have difficulty obtaining seed and bugle beads or a beading needle, I have put together a materials pack available in my shop which has everything you need to complete 4 hearts in a number of colour options. A template is also included should you wish to make more even though I have provided pre cut hearts.

If you’re confident in your stitching, try using a contrasting colour for a little extra interest. Leave an opening a few inches long and then stuff with poly-fil or any other kind of stuffing. When you’re ready to close the edge, push the batting toward the centre, away from the open seam, to finish sewing the two halves together without catching any batting in the stitches. Tie off the thread. Then gently massage the heart to work the batting back to the edge – this just helps to keep the batting from getting sewn into the edge.

That’s all it takes to make a DIY felt heart with beading. You can make these felt hearts in any size or colour, and also change up the beading.

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